How to make DIY face masks for the coronavirus(COVID-19)T-shuts remake cut&saw


Many people wear masks in Asia every days including Japan I living.

If you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus(COVID-19), or have been diagnosed, wearing a mask can also protect others.

The coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak has led to a massive shortage of face masks around the world.

In japan, many people started making DIY face masks.
Because there are no mask can we buy.

I let you knou how to make a mask for the coronavirus(COVID-19).

let’s making DIY face masks for the coronavirus(COVID-19) .

Why our japanese wear surgical masks in public

We japanese wearing surgical masks in public.

The reality is that the woven-cloth surgical masks provide minimal protection from environmental viruses anyway. (Surgeons use them to protect patients from their mouth-borne germs, not the other way around.) But the masks’ actual prophylactic utility is, in a way, secondary to other reasons they’re being worn, which is why they’re likely to become more common in the future—even among non-Asians.

The custom of facemask-wearing began in Japan during the early years of the 20th century,

In the NY.and UK,…nobody wears a mask like this unless they were very, very sick, or they have something terribly wrong with them.

I’m wearing a mask to protect myself against coronavirus.

Doctors say masks prevent the spread of coronavirus.

I wanted to buy masks but couldn’t find any, they were all sold out!

I went to a supermarket, a convenience store and a DIY store to buy masks, but they had all ran out of masks.
let’s making DIY face masks for the coronavirus(COVID-19) .

let’s making DIY face masks for the coronavirus(COVID-19) .


① Make the cloth symmetrical using the pattern 2 cuts each 2 (total 4)

② Sew 2 pieces according to the middle table two sets of combined parts are available

Match the parts made in ③② with the inside table,

Sew up and down leaving

④Turn over the front and stitch the edge

⑤Rubber opening 1.0cm tri-fold

⑥The rubber cut to 23cm ~ 27cm,
Finished through the left and right, respectively


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